Thursday, September 24, 2009


My friend that I mentioned the other day, he who had the heart attack whilst driving at 70mph on the motorway, has had triple bypass surgery today. He has come out of that fine.

I could have sworn I had a cold this morning. Now I am not so sure. I don't feel good but not bad either.

I bathed Bridget today and Carly maybe is going to get hers too. Tomorrow is Whitney's bath day. No show this weekend but will be visiting with a dog friend on Sunday morning.

It looks as though the Regia self striping is going to be knit in a simple garter rib after all.

A couple of people have left that list I mentioned under UGLINESS, and they had to do so by announcing it to us all first and telling us how good they are and this is why they are leaving. I would not let a couple of evil minded cows make me leave anything and if they did, I'd not go out with a fanfare! Life is far too short and precarious to let such people have their wicked way. They thrive on meanness. Starve them of their rewards, don't feed them!

I have been really surprised and touched by the supportive emails I received. Some were even public. That is rare in my experience cos people don't want to get flamed. I am appreciative of this. I do hope though that the subject is now dropped.

Whilst I have been writing this, I have been drinking a low fat latte I made with my bean to cup machine. I ADORE coffee and this is particularly nice. An Italian style roast we got the last time were visiting Lui and Lia in Sandhausen, Germany. Fortunately, decaff ground coffee is just as nice. So often decaff is mild. Why? Just cos we don't want the caffeine doesn't mean we don't want the taste.

I just won, while writing this, a purply pink pair of suede Kickers on Ebay. I am surprrised at how competitiive I can be. I WILL have those you 'b*****d'!!!!

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