Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I don't know what I felt exactly but I was concerned for dog friends of mine. I called twice over the weekend and received no reply. I wanted to speak to hem just to be sure all was well. I got an email yesterday to say that the husband had had a heart attack whilst driving on the motorway. The car crossed the central reservation and crashed. No one was hurt!!!! Not even my friend who was unconscious. He has since had 3 heart attacks and I am waiting for more news.

On Sunday John and I went into Peterborough. I picked up 3 shirts on sale and 3 hats. I wish we hadn't gone as John was not well but being his usual idiotic self as regards his health, he said nothing but it became obvious to me he wasn't well. He has at least started to take his antibiotics but still went to work Monday morning. I happened to see his doctor as I was leaving having seen mine. She told me to tell him she wants to see so I made an appointment and have told him when I will be taking him.

As for me, I have agreed to up my Crestor (statin) as my cholesterol is up again. My Doc thinks I have the hereditary kind as I do eat a frugal diet most of the time. I told her that if I cut back any more, I'd end up binging on the bad stuff. I know me. My LDL is 1.4 (51.8 in American) and 4 HDL (148) with Triglycerides 1 , so my total is either 5.4(199.8) or 6.4(236.8) depending on if the Triglycerides are counted or not.It isn't just a low fat diet but I had to cut out prawns, liver, kidneys., squid and eggs all of which I love to eat.

I do not have a show until the 4th October now and then I have one on the 8th and the 11th too!

All is quiet here now, no girls in season.

I am almost done with my Tofutsies on the 1.75mm needles. I have not thought of a name yet.
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