Friday, September 18, 2009


I wrote this on the 17th:I have a dog show tomorrow which for some reason I think may not be a good one for Whitney but I shall enjoy the day out anyway.

I was right. I enjoyed the day, despite the cold and ensuing pain, but Whitney did not do well, gaining only a 4th in Open Bitch. Not that it was Whitney's fault, she strutted her stuff as she always does. The judge didn't see her for what she is.

I did think I was going to die this morning. I was eating my chicken casserole and there was a bone left in it which got stuck in my throat. It hurt. I couldn't get it back up and I couldn't swallow it. Each time I tried, it hurt. I opened a can of Pepsi Max and gulped it down and this dislodged the bone. Now I have a very sore throat which hurts each time I swallow. I am hoping it is just bruised and that the bone hasn't caused damage or isn't going to cause more.

I get many lovely comments form people about my clothes and footwear and hats. I think they are very kind and it surprises me that they go out of their way to say such nice things to a complete stranger.
However, some people think I am deaf and blind! They say disparaging things about me and they assume I cannot hear them and cannot see them pointing at me! What nincompoops.

Three 'ladies', fit and able bodied, decided to park their van across the exit for the disabled car park, whilst they, with their able legs, went about their business in the showground for at least 30 minutes, collecting their Irish wolfhounds, poor things can't walk far. When they returned, not only did they see us waiting to be able to go home, they stood their for further minutes chatting and laughing and not a word of apology to us for blocking our exit!!!!! The self centredness of some people beggars belief.

If we ignore that, and the bone, it really was a nice day. I enjoyed the company of fellow exhibitors and just being there. I saw two males I thought were lovely(4 legged kind), one of which I might consider as a mate for Whitney when the time comes. The other was her half brother.

The best compliment I had all day was from an elderly man who said that 'I hope you don't mind me saying so, you look very smart, I wish I had the nerve to dress like you'. This ranks with the two teenage boys who said I looked 'cool' at Bournemouth.

Oh, I switched my trousers and boots. I wore a yellow boot and turquoise boot with cream trousers as I thought the turquoise boot and cream trousers went better with the hat. So the turquoise trousers and orange and yellow boots will have to be for another outfit.I have two weeks till the next show and I am sure I'll have figured a combo out by then!

Dressing up is so much fun, I am so surprised. Any one not yet 50 and thinking it is the end, I can assure you it is not. I feel younger and freer now than at any point in my life. I am very happy being here, crippled and all. It's fun. I am so lucky. I can please myself. I couldn't care less if I am fanciable or not. I don't give a toss what others say or think. I have become myself and for that I am profoundly grateful. I intend to enjoy being me for a long time yet.
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