Monday, September 28, 2009


This cold is weird. Sometimes I think I have it and other times not. Seems fairly common with this bug. It hurts if I cough but I rarely do. I have to blow my nose frequently and sometimes feel crap.

I decided to swim today anyway. I did it okay but certainly felt every stroke. I am more or less convinced now that the daily 64 lap swims have passed. I can't manage them anymore. Bugga! (if you are not on Socknitters you won't get the reference. Some person named their sock yarn range BUGGA! Can you believe it?)

Sunday 4th is a dog show as is Thursday 8th (in the f'ing middle of Wales in October!!!! It used to be a summer show. The entry is only 51. Half what is normally is. Guess why? Only idiots like me entered.), and also Sunday 11th. Then we have a short break with one more in October, one in November and one in December (tho there are two) and maybe none in December. Haven't decided yet.

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