Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tesco Is Still Standing

I surprised myself this evening. I remained ever so calm. I just quietly made my point to the manager, continued to shop and left.

What is the big deal?

Well, when we arrived, there were do handicapped bays free. None at all. No spaces at all in fact. Most were taken by non handicapped people. So I parked my park in an indistinct bay close to the main entrance.

I am wheeling myself around, doing my shopping, when I hear my car registration number called out over the tannoy and asking me to move it. Well, I went about my shopping and then i called to a member of staff and asked them if they would be ever so kind and get me the manager, please?

Manager duly arrived. I said to him that if they had the wit to call out my registration number over the tannoy as I had parked where they wished me not to, why did they not have the wit to do the same for those able bodied *&^%$£^&* who take up our spaces?

Flummoxed was he? You bet! I however, remained calm and smiling, thanked him for his time and continued with my shopping. John and I got back to the car when it was convenient for us to do so.

P:S: shredded and dumped more stuff, including years old credit cards and bills and stuff. Load of mags piled up. Still much more to do. It may take longer than I thouhgt, perhaps until I am 60, 10.25 yrs from now.
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