Monday, September 08, 2008

High IQ

According to testes I have an IQ of about 135.

Consider this:

I bought an Ipod. I put my whole record collection on it. I was driving with John and had the Ipod playing on 'random'. After it had played half a dozen songs I turned and said to John : 'I really like this new Ipod thing. So far I like every song it's played .'

The first time I saw 'made from recycled paper' on a pack of loo rolls, I was horrified and said I would never buy it. Something like a couple of years went by and I saw it again, and the penny dropped.

Our first Xmas together. Hate turkey so we had a pork joint. I was cooking. A friend said to cook it so many minutes per pound. It was a big joint and I knew it weighed more than 5lbs and the kitchen scales only weighed to 5lbs. So i called John to come and watch the scales carefully. 'I'll put the joint on and quickyly take it off and on again and you see how much more it goes up.' It took a while for me to know why he almost peed himself laughing.

edit: it is a typo and spellcheck didn't pick it up cos it is a word.

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