Monday, September 08, 2008


Been to the doctor today because over the last couple of months I have had new symptoms. My left arm and hand has been going numb or pins and needles whilst swimming. I assumed it had something to do with my spine and so ignored it.

However, more recently, the last month I guess, I have had an on/off burning patch on my left leg, especially if I put pressure on it. It is rather disconcerting and varies in intensity and is not constant in that it can be there all day and then not for a few days. I also get a very similar pain, rather weirdly I think, in my right hand little finger whenever I dry my hands with a towel.

Anyway, it seems these are all symptoms of the worsening degeneration of my spine. Elizabeth named the C this and L that that were responsible for the nerve pain.

I am a little disconcerted to note that I seem to be degenerating rather too fast for my liking. Nothing I can except live a day at a time and give it no thought apart from to take care of myself.

I know people far worse and hopefully I won't get that bad. I am lucky. Today I am not. Today is all I have to deal with.
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