Monday, September 01, 2008

More Changes

When I wasn't in a manic phase, I was shy and I stuttered badly, especially when under stress. I ma not like this at all now. Not manic either. (I do miss manic phases but that can wait for another time to be written about.)

I surprise myself constantly. I love to dress up. I don't care what others think about how I dress. I dress the way I do because I like it. It did not occur to me that it would elicit such obvious responses from others. Mainly positive. I certainly get noticed although it had not occurred to me that it would make me noticeable.

Yesterday at the dog show, 3 people stopped me and asked if they could take a photo of me! I wore a Panama hat, a light beige jaket and light beige trousers. My wasitcaot was electric blue wtih wriggle sof primary colours in a vetical pattern, bow tiw to match. On my right foot was a Hot Pink Doc Marten and a brigth yellow one on my left foot. Who knew it would be so popluar.

I have had a couple of supposedly 'for your own good' remarks, about how I shouldn't dress like that because it would put the judge off. I have been told the same about using my walking sticks. I would fall over if I didn't. My response at the time was that the judge ought not be judging if they allow the handler to distract them from judging the dog. To satisfy myself that I was right I went and asked an all rounder judge(they judge many breeds) if the way a person dressed or the way they walked distracted them from their job. They were surprised at the question and made it clear that of course it did not!

I am constantly surprised and happy with who I am becoming and look forward to becoming more and more myself.
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