Sunday, September 28, 2008

Good and Bad

Sometimes making the right decision does not feel good. I have let Micah go. He has been donated to the Hearing Dogs Charity. It is the right move for him, for me, and for them. It has been bubbling in my brain for some time but I have avoided it because I am very fond of him. Now it is done and I feel sad.

However, I feel good about this, even though it has it's bad side: I now own Whitney's father, Luque. This is very good for me. he is black and white, I love the colour, and very good quality plus a good sire. The bad side is that my dear friend Linda has had to give him up because of her health issues. I am so gratfeul that I have him but sad for her too.

Luque has a RCC, his Stud book number, and is qualified for Cruft's for life.
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