Friday, September 26, 2008

Silk Underwear

It is going well here. My symptoms have calmed down. My hands are back to working properly. Only my hips are nagging.

The weather has turned out nice. Sunny and warmish during the day but cold at night. Better than the summer we did not have.

I have the urge to machine knit and have swatched up for a cashmere in a nice brown for myself. It'll just be plain, set in sleeves. Maybe raglan.

The magazines are all sorted and I am going to put some up on Ebay to see what happens. Simply Knitting issue 1 to 7. I have up to 40 odd I think. I also have loads of Knitters and Interweave Knits, and machine knitting magazines too. I have yet to sort out the needles.

I am going to have some news on the dog front but am going to leave writing about it until it's done and settled.

I bought some silk long john's and a silk long sleeved vest. When they arrived and I saw how thin they were (you can see though them), I was not pleased. I thought they were far too thin to keep me warm. Wrong! They really work and keep me warm and are so much better to wear under my clothes, bed or day, as they do not add bulk. I am impressed. I bought another set but this time in medium. The set I have are large. I forgot about the weight loss!

The tv we had started to die. When it was turned on, the picture down one side was black and wavy and the it took time to fill the screen and then took time to come into focus. It was only 4.5 years old.

Well, it was a good enough reason to go buy one of these LCD jobs which I did. I bought a Panasonic 32", resisting the urge to go bigger than we had. Just as well because this tv is just the right size for our room and the space it fits in. The screen is an actual 32" whereas the previous tv was only 29" even tho described as a 32". Something to do with the way the tubes are calculated.

The picture on both satellite and dvd are excellent. When finances allow, I want a Blu-Ray player. I saw this in the shop. The picture is amazing. In the scene I saw a man walks thru a doorway to outside and it was so clear it was as if I was going thru it with him.

Even though I have yet to complete it, and to actually sell stuff, I am feeling good about beginning to sort and de-stash.

I have been a bit too extravagant recently with regard shoe buying. It has stopped. I have loads now in quite a colour range to suit my clothing and my mood. They will last me forever. I rather fancy being an 80 yr old in scarlet patent leather Docs.

Oh and the washer dryer is on it's last legs too....

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