Friday, September 19, 2008


I have had several emails form people concerned that I am giving up knitting.


All I am doing is de-hoarding. And facing facts.

I am NEVER going to get back into making a living from knitting on my machines. I am no longer physically capable. Even with a motor it takes me 3 days to make one sweater where I used to be able to make 2 a day and sew them up.

I am NEVER going to knit up all that I have in the way of yarn. The attic is full, one whole bedroom is full to bursting, the cupboard under the stairs is crammed get the picture? I also have 16 knitting machines!

Just getting rid of all those videos cassettes yesterday has made me feel so much better. I have pout all my shoes away where the vids were, along with my jackets(I didn't know I had so many!)

I have only just begun. Mind you, at my spiritual meeting last night, I came over ill and racked with pain. Not only had I done too much on my own but forgot to drug up!

If you have been a long time follower here, you know that this time last year I hit the real deeply buried crap inside me. Over the next 5 months I cleared it all out. Ever since then, I have had a strong desire to clear my house out. I DO NOT NEED most of what i hoarded. I have kept all sorts of crap because I 'might need it'. Well, those 100's of tapes a dumped, I didn't even look to see what they were. They have been stashed for 10 years so they couldn't have been important. The urge to sit and play each one to see was there but common sense won.

I am doing a good thing. De cluttering, accepting I am now handicapped an unable to do as I did. Making room for John and myself and the dogs. To be blunt, it is dangerous for me to have to negotiate obstacles in my home! Plus, I just don't need to keep this stuff 'in case'. In case of what? That I have a miracle cure and start to sell a dozen sweaters a week? Nah....

I want it to be manageable. I want space. I want to stop feeling bad all the stuff. Lots of STUFF. Like it bred all it's on own! I don't need to hoard. I am doing fine. I can and will live without all this STUFF.

I shall stop in case I break out into happy song.......

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