Monday, September 08, 2008

Glorious Mud

Last weeks dog show was not good for me. Quite why I entered under this judge a second time I do not know. I did not do well. Micah was 5th and Whitney was thrown out with the rubbish. My friend Angie, with whom I travel to the shows, won Best Puppy in her breed and as this show held a Puppy Group we stayed for that and show won it! She then went on to win Reserve Best In Show. A huge deal for a Tibetan Spaniel to pull this off.

Yesterday we went to another show. Micah was third and Whitney won Best Puppy in Breed. Angie's Tibetan Spaniel also won Best Puppy in Breed. There was no Puppy Group though.

Weather was horrendous which made the day a challenge to say the least. The show is held in a country house park. It was a field of mud! Very difficult to navigate both on foot and in vehicles.

We managed to be packed up and ready to leave by 6pm, 11hours after we arrived. Two men pushed us out of the hole we were in and told me told me to wait for man to come and pull me off. As it turned out, we didn't need to.

As we were waiting for the man to come and pull me off, we watched another car drive along this grassy bit, picking up speed so that he hit the mud trench fast and he just kept going, the back of his car slewing all over the place. The men who had pushed us up to the grassy bit, told me to do exactly what that man had done. Get into first gear, put your foot down on the accelerator,don't let up and don't break no matter what, just keep going.

I held my breath and did exactly that. It was fun! Like a fair ground ride. My heart was pounding, my stomach dancing, yet I kept going as mud went everywhere, all over the car, and my rear was slewing every which way but I did as I was told and just kept going until we were up and out the other side onto wet but solid ground. Phew!

On the way home, both of us are very sore and tired but happy. Thank Goodness for Tramadol otherwise neither if us would have coped. We stopped for coffee at a service (sic) centre and this is where I had an almost serious accident.

I had been to the loo and then bought myself a coffee. I put my two canes in one hand and the coffee in the other. I noted 3 ladies in uniforms I had not seen before and the next thing I knew the coffee was all over the floor, in front of these ladies.

One of the ladies called to the young man who was serving to get iced water in a large bowl and she ordered me to sit down. I was nonplussed but did as I was told. I wondered what on earth she was doing. I wasn't exactly with it, disorientated. It took a while, it seemed, for the ice to arrive by which time she had got my fingerless glove off and I began to feel my hand burning.

What the woman had noticed was that I had dropped the coffee because I had scolded myself. I was disorientated so had not realised and the pain in my hand was not immediately apparent. anyway, I had to sit with my hand in this bucket of ice for 20 minutes by which time it started to hurt, differently to when it first went in. She told me I could take it out then. She asked me a few questions about my health and just suggested a rest a bit longer before continuing. It would seem she was medical professional of some sort. (oh and the uniforms were Polish Girl Scouts) This woman saved my hand from sever scalding. Had they not been there I would have got back to my car before I knew I had been burned and then would not have known what to do.

It was fantastic day all in all. We both really had fun, even before we knew we had won. One person bitched to me about the conditions and I just asked them if they would prefer to be in this mud or in a box?

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