Saturday, February 02, 2008

EGG (this n that)

I slept really well last night-10:45 till 7am. I will go to the pool shortly.

Have done the front and back and collar of a cashmere commission. Just the sleeves and sewing to do now.

We received a letter from EGG yesterday cancelling our credit cards. No explanation that was in simple English. I called to find out more and was flatly refused any more information. They feel they do not have to explain. We have been loyal and excellent customers for almost 10 years and they have suddenly decided we are not a good risk!!!!! We have never defaulted on anything,never been late, and always pay off more than is due. And they turn around and treat us like this?


We will pay off now as soon as feasible, even though we don't have to, as I don't see why they ought to make but the minimum out of us since they think we are such a bad risk. Gees, how much money does one have to earn nowadays to be a good risk? John is in the top 5% earners! (yes that is surprising-I had no idea it took so little to be in the top 5%-no it is nowhere near the figure you would think!)

I still have 3 puppies for sale and they are 16 weeks old today. This has not happened before. I have had plenty of enquiries but all from people I would not sell a puppy to. There seem to have been a lot of idiots about.

The new pool is such a pleasure to go to. The staff are amazing. Maybe they are just normal and appear amazing because the other pool's staff are so awful. Interestingly, this pool the staff are mainly men, though the two women are really nice too. The other pool is staffed mainly by obese women of various ages. The obesity being a symptom of their unhappiness and also their attitude and bullying. However, there is still no excuse for their outrageous behaviour.

I gave it my best shot at the other pool. I really felt that by going to the new pool, I would be letting the bullies win. I am much less stressed so I guess I won. The people at the other pool will get sorted somehow with out me.
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