Thursday, February 14, 2008

What A Difference....

....drugs make! I have been taking the new night time pain drug for 1 week. From the first night, I slept 6 hours without waking and no spasms round my thoracic region. It's only 10mg of Amitriptyline but it works wonders. Have slept really well every night since. It stops the spasms but does little if anything for the usual aches and pains.

I have had to start taking meds an hour before I go to swim now as my shoulder sockets really act up now. Plus the pain in my right hand's knuckles has actually stopped me knitting this evening, despite a 1.6 gm drug combo....

Weird. I seem to be having less problems with my lower back, hips and legs, unless I walk a while, than usual and now have it where I didn't really have it before, or maybe I just didn't notice! I know I haven't been able to move my neck properly for a few years now.

Okay, so that is the pain moan over.

I am feeling generally good. I went to see a hypno man on Monday and now do a self hypno cd daily. It really works for me. I relax. Deeply. This is the whole idea. I had a consult with him last year when I was still going thru that anguish. He said he didn't feel he could help with my grief but certainly felt he could help with my hypervigilance which he noticed str8 away. Funny, you can live with something so long, like all your life, and not realise you are doing so. Anyway, I shall have a couple more one to one sessions with him and continue to use this cd. I am definitely feel more relaxed generally. I am sure I only surveyed my surroundings a few times today.... ;-)

I put two sweaters on Ebay but there seems little interest. I am wondering if it is time I faced facts and started to get rid of my equipment and yarn. Actually doing so seems too much to do. Yes, I can stick to handknitting but how long will my disease let that be?

We got a new family member on Tuesday. Milly, a red mini longhaired Dachshund. She is gorgeous. Hopefully she will not have the coat eating gene. Her mum, who I bred(Mouse), did eat other dogs hair and neither did her mum, my Alice who now lives in St Paul's Cathedral, London with a vicar there.

I finally finished the last Harry Potter book last week having bought it and started to read it the first day it was out! Trouble, I only read in bed and I now fall asleep after a page or two! It wasn't the book, which I enjoyed, but my inability to stay awake. I ma now reading a Da Vinci Code type thriller and having the same trouble with falling asleep.

I have frogged Popeye and reknit it toe up, using a different version of my Andersson Heel. I had initially knitted Popeye top down, with the leg ribbing having been machine knit. I really was not happy with it.

We have a friend, whom I met on the Joni Mitchell Discussion List, coming to stay for the weekend. Her name is Lieve and she is originally from Belgium. She informs me that the last weekend she came was two years ago!!!!!

Oh and I now have a Radar key. What is that? You might well ask because I ought to have to have been told by my medical people or the benefits people. I found out because I need to use a loo when out in public and could not use the disabled loo because one needed a special key for it. How stupid I thought. Just as I was about to wheel away another wheelchair person came up and told she explained to me about the Radar key system and how I could get one. Well I got one today. I had to pay for it too!

Really, in France and Germany etc I get to park for free and also for unlimited time. Here I have to pay and only get to park for 3 hours on the street. Now. I HAVE to use a car. I can't get anywhere without one. It is NOT a choice. Mainland Europe have the right attitude to we mobility impaired people. They don't add insult to injury by making us pay for our lack of mobility. Here in the UK they just patronize us, charge us for daring to be an inconvenience, and pay lip service to disability rights.

I am so lucky that my mobility varies and that I am not stuck permanently in a wheelchair. If I were, I'd be up shit creek without a paddle unless I moved to Germany or somewhere like.

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