Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Pillow Talk

So it was back to the Doctor yet again......

These spasms I get from between my shoulders round to my right thru the ribs are painful and wake me up. I go back to sleep and wake up again till I eventually just get up and stay up at about 4am. So have been getting little sleep and what I do get is disturbed.

I have been wondering why I am still tearful and why my gut starts up and why I generally feel like crap.


A new drug to hopefully stop the spasming. That makes 8 different drugs a day now....who new arthritis was such a pain.

It has been slowing me right down re the knitting and I am not pleased with that.

And the pillow talk? No, I was not prescribed a nightly visit from Daniel Craig. But a series of pillows. One between my legs, one in the small of my back, and the one I use for my neck. I used this just this afternoon and I must say I slept well. But then I was knackered..

I will see what happens tonight.

Oh and something else has snuck up on me - Lui. One of the puppies. He looks like he is going to really good after all! He is very well made, beautiful shape and head too. His angles are excellent. I shall hang on to him now. I am going to take him to ring craft this evening.

I got yet another call, that's 3 this week, for the pups I have left to sell but yet again from w***ers who I would not sell a stuffed toy to. it's not that I am not getting calls, I am just getting calls from unsuitable people.

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Anonymous said...


not sure what these spasms are, so am going to email you privately. Doesn't sound good at all.

I'm glad you are so careful in rehoming your furbabies, they are adorable and all the time and care you put into the bitch during her pregnancy and making sure she has everything she needs,then whilst continuing that, the care you provide for the pups, you certainly do have to be careful these days whom you rehome to. I've gone and taken a pup of mine back before now that I wasn't happy it was an agreement contract I made out and new owners signed, I checked them out for the first year of their little lives and you usually know within a couple of days if it is suitable or not,if the initial sale went through and you missed something. I always checked the home out prior to sale too, but then I only advertised locally so it was easier to vet them out. It's lovely to hear from people like yourself who make darn sure everything is A OK for your littleones...they are so cute, but that isn't the reason to have one. People just don't seem to realise, that even a pet, needs to have a good loving home, with exercise and the right diet, toys etc to keep them happy. I tended to shy away from people with little children too, my pups were born into a family of children, but my kids were not allowed to maul the pups around, they are not toys and if they dropped them....oh I hate to think..anyway it was not allowed in this house.. they were allowed to cuddle them under supervision, not when the pups needed their sleep to grow though and so on. My lot never asked to have their friends in to ''see'' them either, they knew the answer would be ''no'' Might sound a bit strict to some, but I would be the same now, I bred border collies, working borders, and I couldn't afford to make a mistake. I have westies now, and have not bred from them. I dont' intend to, can't anyway, Chaz has his hits bits taken, so I don't show them either, these are plain pets very much a part of the family. So reading how carefully you vet out proposals of new owners brings joy, knowing those little ones of yours will have the best ever, chance in life..good on you. Higz Cher x