Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Pillow Talk

So it was back to the Doctor yet again......

These spasms I get from between my shoulders round to my right thru the ribs are painful and wake me up. I go back to sleep and wake up again till I eventually just get up and stay up at about 4am. So have been getting little sleep and what I do get is disturbed.

I have been wondering why I am still tearful and why my gut starts up and why I generally feel like crap.


A new drug to hopefully stop the spasming. That makes 8 different drugs a day now....who new arthritis was such a pain.

It has been slowing me right down re the knitting and I am not pleased with that.

And the pillow talk? No, I was not prescribed a nightly visit from Daniel Craig. But a series of pillows. One between my legs, one in the small of my back, and the one I use for my neck. I used this just this afternoon and I must say I slept well. But then I was knackered..

I will see what happens tonight.

Oh and something else has snuck up on me - Lui. One of the puppies. He looks like he is going to really good after all! He is very well made, beautiful shape and head too. His angles are excellent. I shall hang on to him now. I am going to take him to ring craft this evening.

I got yet another call, that's 3 this week, for the pups I have left to sell but yet again from w***ers who I would not sell a stuffed toy to. it's not that I am not getting calls, I am just getting calls from unsuitable people.
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