Friday, February 08, 2008

This That and The Other


I did another service last night. It again went well. One can never tell. It isn't guaranteed that anything will happen or that the people there will be receptive. If they do not have a welcoming open attitude, it really makes it hard work. Usually I can get people relaxed and laughing during the talk, and teach at the same time, and then when it comes to the demonstration of mediumship it will flow. Assuming the first part went well.

Again I got positive feedback and know that at least three people left with possibly the opening of a healing between themselves and those that hurt hem.

One of the best communications was the son of someone I know. I was concerned when I realised who he was because I knew about him and his parents. So I had to ask him to give me details I did not know. He went ahead and told me about marks on his body and few other things. The evidence he gave was good as he did as I asked. It always amazes me how they respond to my requests. It was joy to pass it on. His parents received him with love and affection and not grief although I know that his passing was a great source of pain at the time.

The more I do this, the more I realise that it is all about healing really. I have also become aware that my own abilities have improved greatly since undergoing my recent trauma. I am more clear now and also able to pass on what I have learned. I also understand the feelings I get when working more clearly so all this adds to the quality of the communications. The communicators can only use the images and words and feelings I will recognize.


The new drug seems to be doing the trick. No spasms and therefore two good nights sleep plus afternoon naps so feeling much better. Didn't realise how much lack of sleep and pain affects one's mood.


Whilst changing, I overheard two men discussing their trip to the pool. Both came from a few miles further away than I do. They were bemoaning the bad attitude of staff and lack of cleanliness at their nearest pool. Guess which pool they were discussing?
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