Friday, February 22, 2008


Swimming: yesterday I could not do my usual 64 lengths. I only managed 50. I also have done little else. Although I am sleeping well, I seem to be experiencing a flare and am fatigued all the time. Still, it's the first bad flare for quite a while.

I am thinking that maybe I will take Sat and Sun off from the pool. Maybe a mile each morning 5 days a week is enough.

Hearing Dogs: two of my girls have been donated to the Hearing Dogs for Deaf People charity. Three of my previous dogs were also donated and they passed and now live with their deaf people, being their ears. So Luna and her daughter, Lia, went yesterday. Liam is going to his new home of Sunday and I am keeping Lui.

Socks: I have almost completed the two at once pair.

Cashmere: I have one sleeve left to knit and sew in. I have done everything else already. This sweater is for me. I remembered to knit a smaller size too! The last sweater I made for myself was way too big as I forgot I have lost all this weight.

Eating Disorder: I have been asked to be one of the speakers at the next conference/workshop in May. I think I probably shall.
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