Friday, February 08, 2008


Whitney - 12 weeks on Monday11th Feb.
Lui-18 weeks tomorrow(9th Feb). He is staying here.
Lia , Lui's sister,-still looking for a home. Her mum Luna is the adult behind.
Liam-the other brother.


krisleon said...

Me and my son Nathan think your dogs are sweet Colin.Nathan asked me to ask you how many dogs have you got:)

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful sweater love the colour and everything. Your work is always top class..lovely.

But...How DARE you show us these lovely puppies, and their little enquiring faces... makes us softies go all soppy.. they are so adorable... ooooooh I could take that canny little girl tonight...she is absolutely gorgeous... she looks like she is smiling too..

oooowwwwwwww I think they are just too lovely for words.. I can just picture her scampering around here, the walks the games, and the reward of that loving little wonderful. She looks like she has a wonderful adventurous character....

higz Cher.....sigh...

Anonymous said...

I love thie little girl! Lhasas and shih tzu are my favorite breeds! Wish we were closer, 'cause I'd take her in a heart beat. I'm in the US in Oklahoma. My shih tzu is 10 going on 2 and needs a partner in crime badly. Your little girl looks like his mom and best friend.

Barbara said...

It's a good think that I live in USA - those puppies are irresistable.

I used to love showing my dogs when I bred mastiffs, but my life is too hectic for those big guys anymore.

But one of those little sweeties would almost make getting back in the show ring easy.

Congrats on beautiful pups.