Friday, February 15, 2008

Stuff N Nonsense

I had to abandon my swim this morning thru the pain in my right shoulder. mmmm...I think maybe I need to stick to breast stroke. This week I have added a front crawl every five laps, making 12 in total, and now my right shoulder is painful and I can't lift it above shoulder level.

A man is coming today to view Micah as a prospective mate for his girl. He is bringing her too so I can vet her.

I am taking Lui to see a friend today. This friend has bred 20 plus UK Champions(UK is THE hardest place in the world to make up a Ch). Anyhow, I want him to confirm what I think about Lui-that he is outstanding. To think I nearly sold him. This litter was born during my dark night of the soul and thus I wasn't paying as close attention as I normally would be. Then two weeks ago, I happened to catch sight of him gliding across the garden and I thought to myself: gosh, he moves well. So I picked him up and stacked him on the grooming table. Sure enough, he is very well made. His head is lovely too and he has a perfect bite right now. I have taken him to show training twice now and the second time he was much better than the first and almost perfect in his execution of what is required.

If Lui is as good as I think he is, he is the best I have ever bred and better than Micah. In fact, probably one of the best I have been over.

I realised the other day that I have qualified 8 dogs Cruft's. 5 Lhasa Apso that I bred, and one I did not breed, and 2 Dax that I bred.

Sweaters: I may give Etsy another go. I tried it before and got nowhere. It can't hurt to try and thanks to Patsijean fro the reminder of Etsy.

The Nonsense: saw a tv doc about these people who are on a trip to see the Valley of Armageddon where they eagerly wait to see the rivers of blood that will flow there, according to them, when Jesus returns imminently. They speak with such glee about death and destruction and rivers of blood which they, as loyal lovers of Christ, will witness with such joy in their hearts. How sick can you get? These people must have experienced such pain their lives to make them so bitter that they really believe this tosh and take great delight in the thought that those who do not believe, especially those who hurt them, are soon to be destroyed whilst they become ecstatic at the sight of their enemies blood. Dear me, talk about needing to know thyself! I still find it astonishing that these people say they follow the Prince of Peace and live in God's love yet they display nothing but hatred themselves. Sad deluded people who do great harm to others in order that they numb their own pain.

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