Monday, February 04, 2008


Last night I went and did a demonstration of mediumship. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. As did the audience. I got a lot of positive feedback afterwards.

I knew from the evidence I was getting and relaying that all was well. One of the communicators was really funny. He had been a bit of a hell raiser and died in one vehicle motorbike crash. He had returned last evening to speak with his wife and was telling her in no uncertain terms to get on with her life and not to 'save herself' for him. He gave various details about himself, his musical tastes, his favourite drink, and other stuff.

I realised very early this morning, whilst I sat and drank my coffee, that what I do IS important. It affects people profoundly and for the good.

I am NOT just a kept man who contributes nothing to this world and life.
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