Saturday, February 16, 2008

Not Quite Past It

Well, no swimming today. No swimming tomorrow as we have a friend for the weekend. Hopefully Monday I can return to swimming. I still can't move my right shoulder without a lot of pain and my left is giving, well, just the normal pain. Okay, so I won't do forward crawl anymore as it seems I am too knackered for that and will stick to stroking my breasts .......

I HATE not being able to go and swim. It really sets my day off well. I went to bed later last night as I knew I wouldn't go to the pool today and I got up late at 7.15am. Feels strange. I like to be up at 5am. I let the dogs out and they quickly go and pee and go str8 back to bed. Then I sit and knit. It is so quiet. I love to see the sunrise too.

On Thursday, I felt really good about myself. My car tax needs renewing. I got all the paperwork together and off I trotted to the PO to get the tax disc. I was feeling pleased with myself because I have a terrible memory and getting things like this done is not easy. I was also very lucky as there was no queue. I was a day too early! No tax discs are issued before the 15th of the current month!

Next month the car has to have it's MOT done (roadworthiness test). I have had this car for 4 years now from new. It is the first car for years that we have kept beyond the 3 year mark. I love this car. It is a Skoda Octavia Estate(station wagon), runs on diesel, gives me 55 to the gallon(UK gallon 160 ozs) and is ideal for the dogs. Not only that, it has a fully adjustable steering wheel and front seats so I can change my position when I need to, which is frequently!

I shall put up new pictures later today of the puppies and of my Popeye Reloaded and also of my new to me two socks at once on one long circ.

Oh and my opinion about Lui was backed up.

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