Monday, February 18, 2008

Minus 7 Celsius

When we were in Germany at Xmas, it was cold. Very cold. Minus 4-5 c during the day and worse at night. It was beautiful though, all white and crisp. It never gets that cold here where we live. In Scotland yes, here no.

Well guess what? It is that cold here and has been for two days and will be for a day or so more. On my way to the pool this morning(at 8.30am) it was minus 7c and minus 5c when I got home at 10am. Unfortunately, unlike Germany, it is also foggy so the crisp whiteness cannot be seen.

I did note that the dykes were frozen and the usual swans and other birds that I see on the water were nowhere this morning.

I found a way around my front crawl problem. I mainly do it for my hips and legs. As you know, I had to stop doing it because it caused too much pain in my shoulders, especially my right. I had to rest this weekend, no swimming, which I was not happy with. Anyway, no pain this morning. I also had the bright idea of using a kick board (float). This enabled me to use my legs the way I wanted to and save my shoulders from pain at the same time. Simple. Why I didn't think of it before I have no idea!


LizzieK8 said...

Those "duh" moments really sneak up on ya and embarrass you don't they?

Herzblut said...

I did note that the dykes were frozen

oh, my, I know that wasn't what you meant, but it gave me a smile..thanks.... ;)

FuguesStateKnits said...

The dykes were WHAT??!!!
OH NO!!!!!!!
(sorry, couldn't resist)

Anonymous said...

Ha! You do have some smutty readers! I just wanted to say how great it is to hear that the swimming is , on the whole, working well for you after such a rotten start. Good on you Colin - next stop the Channel covered in Goose fat!