Monday, February 11, 2008


BLEAK HOUSE : Excellent. We have just watched the whole series, 15 episodes on DVD. A Dickens story. Very well made, well acted and engrossing. Gillian Anderson of X-Files fame stars. Hasn't she turned out to be a beautiful woman?

24: ridiculous and macho crap but also engrossing. I have just finished series 6 which was just as silly as the previous 5. Can't help it, but I really enjoy this series. Never mind that Jack ought to be dead years ago and any real person would be.

BOSTON LEGAL: Excellent. Funny. Moving. Who knew that William Shatner could act?

NIP TUCK : really didn't think I would like this but I did. Just finished series 4. Very well done. Probably the only character I would like to know is Liz the anaesthesiologist. The rest are real pains. Very silly plots. Lots of rude bits.

GREY'S ANATOMY : just about to watch series 2. Enjoyed series one. Watched whilst knitting cocks. Took a bit of getting into.

BEWITCHED: love this and have since I was a boy. I wanted to be Samantha. I longed to twitch my nose and have my family disappear....

THE WEST WING: just brilliant. We own the whole 7 series. Well acted. One you really have to watch and listen to without doing something else.

X-Files: I treated myself to the whole 9 series. I didn't watch it when it was current. Then I caught a couple of episodes and enjoyed them so...very well done. Funny. Moving. Serious. Played for real.

SIX FEET UNDER: We own the whole 5 series. Well done, well acted and weird.

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: The first series was excellent, the next two not so good but still watchable.

BROTHERS AND SISTERS: saw it on TV. Very good. Looking forward to next series. The first series seemed quite long unless they showed series one and two back to back.

THE TUDORS: sexed up historical drama. Very well acted and filmed.

CRANFORD: Another costume drama. Excellent.

SENSE AND SENSIBILITY: costume drama, Jane Austen. Excellent. These last three were all BBC productions and they know how to make this type of TV.
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