Saturday, January 03, 2009

Would You Rephrase That?

Yesterday we visited Dawn and Ron and we saw Boo and Moon, two of my girls that now live with them. (Boo was not named by me, I named her Shilpa.) Dawn and Ron were surprised to see us. I didn't tell them we would visit because I wasn't sure how I would feel after we did what we had to at my flat. I called her to tell her to put the kettle on just before we left for the 20 minute drive from my flat to her house.

I have had strange dreams again. Last night's was not pleasant and featured my mother. The first time she has featured in an unpleasant dream since I came to terms with her.

My mood has been volatile recently too. I think partly because of the lack of swimming. Actually, a big part is that. My usual pool was shut for a month. I did go to the other one but it is really primitive with crap facilities and the only way for me to get in the pool was to jump in and the only way out was to be hoisted out on a chair attached to a crane for this purpose. Not only does it rather draw attention to one's problems, but it feels precarious. Anyway, then this pool closed too! I will be back to my normal swimming routine tomorrow of Monday.

I am back to being very stiff so John has to help me dress and undress. On the drive yesterday we had to stop at the service station for food and drink. I went to the loo and found I could not stand up again. I pulled the emergency cord and a panicked looking woman came charging thru the door, as she had a key. I told her to calm and then said:

'Will you tell the man standing out there with a beard that he needs to come and pull me off.....'

Shameless and her puppies are doing well. Shameless is finally eating plenty. It is common for mums to go off eating when they are pregnant and also, strangely, after they give birth. This is when they really need food, especially with 7 puppies! So she has been tempted with all sorts of treats to not much success. Today I had great success with her ordinary Royal Canin (excellent food) with the broth left over after boiling up chicken and offal poured over it.

I have three dog shows this month, two next month, and then Cruft's in March and then it's soon really busy for dog shows for the rest of the year. John and I have to work out our diaries so we can go away at a time convenient for him work wise and a time when the judge is not a good one for me so missing the show won't matter. It won't be easy I think to arrange.

We want to go to Barcelona and also to Budapest. We can't do both. In order to do either we need 2 weeks as we will drive. yes it's much quicker to fly, we know and then we would only need a week. However, as we have to take a wheelchair
it is much easier to drive. It also gives us the freedom we need. Plus if I get bad, we just come home. All in all, it is much better to drive. Too tied otherwise.

We are still thinking about a cruise. John's concerned is that once we have left port it is too late if I find I can't handle it. Mine is being controlled. I am told that there are formal cruises with set dinner times and tables etc and then there are informal ones where you can do as you please and eat at your leisure and at your own table. I would detest being regimented. I think with a ship being so large, I will not feel hemmed in. Mmmm, really not sure. I like the idea very much but will the reality be enjoyable? It is a rather expensive trip if one ends up not enjoying it. If only I wasn't such a pain!

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Anonymous said...

Budapest would be extremely interesting, I suspect. We're in Florida, right now, and will be going back to Virginia tomorrow. I don't want to go!

Your loo story was both distressing and amusing.