Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hitting The Road

You wouldn't believe how much planning a trip takes. Though you probably would. It's just me that thinks it ought to be easy. I spent many hours with the GPS mapping thing on my pc working out the route from Calais in France (where the tunnel comes out from England) to Budapest in Hungary. 1100 miles.

  1. 21st Luxembourg (428miles)
  2. 22nd Stuttgart, Germany (196miles)
  3. 23rd Salzburg, Austria (230miles)
  4. 24th Budapest (338miles)
  5. Four night stay (no driving)
  6. 29th Salzburg, Austria (338miles)
  7. 30th Salzburg, Austria (no driving)
  8. 31st Heidelberg, Germany (325miles)
  9. 1st Heidelberg, Germany (no driving)
  10. 2nd Calais, France (416miles)
  11. 3rd Calais, France (no driving)
  12. 4th Home (160miles)
I am excited about the trip. It includes two places, other than Budapest, that I have not been to before: Stuttgart and Salzburg, though I doubt we will see much of Stuttgart. It will be our most challenging trip I think because Hungary has a unique language which is very difficult to speak and it seems form the info I have read, few speak any other language.

Food appears to not be a problem either, with plenty of fish/meat/fowl and vegetable dishes. I won't have a whole load of high wheat / carb meals to choose from. It can be very hard at times to find food that is not gluten/grain laden so it is good to know that it won't be there.

This will probably be the only trip this year. My dog show calender is very full this year with only a couple that I will not attend. I doubt we will go away Xmas time as I may have puppies again then, depending on what I do with the present litter.


Anonymous said...

I hope you have lots of fun. I enjoyed my visit to Salzburg as a child. Though I doubt you'll be experiencing the salt mine quite like I did- dressed up in traditional mining clothes, sliding down an old chute, a walking tour, etc. Still, the town was beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Even when you don't have to pack anything (which is our case when going from Virginia to Florida), it seems there's a great deal to do to go on a trip. I've found the packing is the least part!

It sounds like you'll have a wonderful holiday, though. May I ride in the back seat?

Keepin Busy said...

I love hearing about your trip. Hope you have a great time, and stay safe!

joannamauselina said...

Your trip sounds fabulous! Unfortunately my trips never take any planning, and as a result are ordeals rather than fun, and as a result, I seldom take trips. Only when I have to. I should learn to be more like you, and figure things out in advance. I go to Hawaii twice a year to visit relatives, not to be a tourist, and I do plan out what I am going to put in my suitcase. In fact I have a list that I use every time, and alter as needed after the trip. That is as far as planning goes. Oh - and since I have to cook for everyone, I plan that a little. So you can see that these trips fall into the "ordeal" category as well.

GJabouri said...

That's quite a trip you have planned there ... If you can squeeze it in you should visit the new Mercedes-Benz museum in Stuttgart ... it is stunning! I went there only as a favor to my husband, but enjoyed it immensely.

Oh ... and you should not have a problem with food of any variety!

Grannie said...

What a lovely trip! You are so lucky to be living "over there". There is so much history that we on the North American continent have trouble understanding. I've never been to Europe or the UK, and at my age it looks like I never will. But now we have the internet and people like you Colin, so we can travel vicariously. Thanks for sharing, can't wait for the pictures and narrative!