Friday, January 23, 2009

25 Days

This is Micah, proud Granddad!
They are just beginning to be interested in food and Mum is beginning to get the hump with them. I think these will eating well in another couple of days and Mum will start to stay away from them for long periods. Fortunately she eats really well so is not skinny and only her swinging tits give away that she has puppies.


Last night I went to minister in Bedford. I have not been to this church before. The atmosphere was conducive to my work, the people being open and receptive. That makes all the difference. Occasionally one goes to a church and is confronted with the Tories (Republicans) at prayer and one knows it just isn't going to go well at all. I know last night went well for them too because as I left I was given two more appointments for next year.


I wrote a letter to the manager concerning the hassle with that one life guard. I handed it in yesterday when I went for my swim.

I did not get up early for my swim today as I was tired after working last night. I may go at lunch time though I think I probably will have the day off today. I feel quite sore having had a rough night with my ribcage spasming. When this happens, I get the horseshoe pillow and lay back on that but laying in a half sitting position to sleep is not a great way for me to feel rested.
The weight I put on over the period that the pool was shut is almost off now. I was shocked to discover that not swimming would cause so much weight gain so quickly. Thank fully, I was not entirely without a pool to swim in but not daily and then not at all for almost 2 weeks. I realise the weight gain does not happen when we are away because of stress and the fact Ii try to walk as much as I can as i feel uncomfortable having to pushed in the w/chair by John, who says it isn't an issue for him and is not difficult.

As I write this, the more I think today should be a day of rest.


Anonymous said...

What beautiful little angels, can't wait to see them grow. I hope something is done about your complaint, I wonder sometimes why bad behavior like this is tollerated. With her behavior, not just with you but everyone, I am sure they have received other complaints and still she is there. I have seen this time and time again, just don't get it. I hope something is done, I would hate to hear that something has happened to you due to this person' negligence.

Nan said...

Those puppies are getting cuter by the minute. I'm enjoying them vicariously since I can't have a dog in my apartment.

Glad to hear that the evening went well and that you reported that lady at the pool. If folks don't complain about bad treatment, it will never change. I'm sure others at the pool will be grateful to you for taking a stand.

Anonymous said...

Love the puppies and Michahs plaits :-)
Pam x

Anonymous said...

Micah looks beautiful with his braids! Sometimes, I like show dogs in their "maintenance" hairdos as much as their show combs. I think poodles look cute with their "ear pillows" and Yorkies look so dorky with all their side hair tied up. Years ago, I grew my pet toy poodle's ears out. They were sooooo pretty when she went to obedience trials (she had excellent ears and legs). Actually, if she hadn't had a tooth defect (2 missing teeth, genetically) and a slightly low tail, I'd have shown her.

When are you sending me my puppy? ::ducking for cover::

Anonymous said...

Oh My God! What a cute pile of fur. Micah is gorgeous too. I love the braids. I have a little guy like this and would love to let that fur get long enough to braid. Right now it's just hiding his eyes. You've given me an idea here.
Good Luck with your pool problem Colin and thanks for all the wonderful pictures.
Sandy in Pa.

kshotz said...

How adorable the pups are! I hope your day of rest was beneficial too.

Kim in IA

joannamauselina said...

They are adorable, but of course you know that. And Granddad in his plait is maybe the cutest of all.

knitwych said...

Colin, those pups are just precious! And I love granddad with his braids. :-)

I hope the managers at the pool will take care of the problem you had with the staff.

Angela said...

Those pups are to die for!

Holly Young said...

Hi Knitman! You left a comment on my blog last week and I wanted to come check yours out. I used to machine knit a lot until rubber stamping took my heart! I still have two of my machines; a bulky and an electronic standard. I have kept them because I keep thinking someday I may take it back up.
Thanks for visiting, and I hope you'll tell your friend Linda about my blog too!