Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thanks Grump

Aran Knitting

First of all, I want to thank GRUMPERINA for showing her technique for cabling without a needle. (When you click on her name you will go to a page and you must click on the left on 'cabling without a needle). This method has really helped me to knit my Aran sweater as it is far less taxing to my hands. You might recall me saying that is taking so long because it is painful to. It is the centre panel that is the pain, rather than the whole sweater. Anyway, this has helped greatly.

The Pool

Oh dear, I have a situation at the pool. No not like the other pool, as all the staff at this new one are excellent, friendly and helpful. Except for one. She use dot be okay and then suddenly wasn't. She acknowledging my presence, looking away and pretending she hadn't heard me. She stopped coming to help me into the pool. It only requires that she take my stick off me at the pool edge. If I go to the pool without the stick I am liable to fall over. I let this one go and took the risk. Then she started to ignore me when I needed to get out. Now this is much more serious as after my swim I am much less able to walk or to move. ALL the other staff wait on the right hand side with my stick till I get up the stairs they put in for me. They give me my stick whilst I am still on the top step because that way I don't have to turn and I also am not left without support for second. Not this woman. She stands as far from me as possible, and on my left. I have to ask her to move closer.

After tolerating this for some weeks, and still being polite and friendly toward her, Ii complained. It made her worse. Today I decided I had had enough of her bullying. Yes, it is bullying, passive aggressive but bullying just the same. There is no reason for it. I have not done anything to warrant this change of attitude. In fact other customers and staff really dislike her and say she has been 'like that' for years. In other words the management allow her to get away with it.

Today I told her what I thought of her appalling behaviour and I complained again. I am now going to put it in writing and hand it to her boss tomorrow morning. I will not put up with this crap and something needs to be done.

A while ago, I comforted her when she was in tears and listened to her moan about how badly she was treated there. I know different now. It doesn't make any sense to me that she has turned on me.Perhaps she saw me as the weakest and least likely to make a fuss.

I realise she is in much pain but do not know why. Even so, she does not have the right to take her problems to work and certainly not to take them out on me or others.

The reason why this is not like the other pool is that the whole ethos at this one is different. The other staff are supportive of me, are good at their jobs, know what sort of person I am and now that it is her and not me. They experience her shit on a daily basis. It does concern me though that this has been allowed to go on this long as it is apparent she treats staff the same way and other clients too.


BammerKT said...

I certainly hope that your complaint at the pool spurs them to do something about that employee. There is no excuse for that kind of behavior no matter what's going on in her personal life!

I'm going to check out the cabling without a cable needle. Thanks for the link!

Anonymous said...

I don't know why people who are miserable seem to need for others to be miserable, too. It's so often so. Good luck with your complaint. There's no reason for you to tolerate this behavior. After all, it could cost your your life were you to slip and fall.

FuguesStateKnits said...

Good for you, Colin! Snide remarks, looking away are one thing (even though terribly wrong) but refusing to assist you when you truly need assistance is downright intolerable - and if anything happened to you it could even be actionable! Especially since you have called it to their attention twice now.
I agree with BammerKT - she needs an attitude adjustment - or a new job!