Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lay In Day


I was really touched yesterday. I received a Congratulations card from long term friends for Whitney's success at gaining her Junior Warrant.

The puppies are eating well and becoming more active and more individual. I have them whittled down to four possible keepers. One definite, with the other 3 looking promising. This is a very nice litter all thru.


I think that what we believe about babies is of utmost importance. If we believe they are evil and must be taught to be good, we have the problems in the world that we have. It also means we can spend a lifetime trying to be good and never succeeding because we will not shake the feeling of our innate badness. A situation without hope. It also leaves us open to being corrupted by religious fanatics, who will use our feeling of innate badness to con us into following their wicked ideas with the promise of 'salvation' from our wickedness. Not being aware that their ideas is what set us up in the first place. The concept of Original Sin is evil in it's effects and whilst I do not hold the bible as being authoritative, this concept is not even a biblical one (neither is the rapture).

On the other hand if we believe we are at core, good, then we start from a hopeful solid foundation and we can then be guided in such a way as to allow our fullest development without the fear of our innate badness ruining it all.

We are less likely to abuse children if we believe in our innate goodness rather than our innate badness.


I had strange dreams as usual. One very clear dream was about taking a service. It was really logical and straightforward. I was doing a demonstration and it was working out well. At the end of this dream, the woman who was the recipient of a message said her sons' office was at or near The Arena (London). That was really clear. I have no idea what that could be about, if it is about anything.

I also dreamt about my old London craft market. I had a very successful outlet there for my knitwear. I still feel it's loss. Or at least according to my dreams I do. I dream of it every now and then and it is definitely a loss dream. I ma not sure if I feel the loss of the market or my ability to physically do the work. Both I think. It did give me my own income. Plus I really enjoy designing and knitting on machines. I can't do that much now. Oh I still do it but it takes me quite a while to make a sweater on the machine now as I physically find it exhausting.


Thursday has become the day I lay in. I still wake up for 5am but I go back to sleep. Today I got up at 7.30am. I slept better last night. I was very tired and weak. Yesterday was one of those days where I didn't hurt so much but felt weak. Today I have woken with pain from my middle downwards but I am waiting to see if it wears off on it's own before I take the pills.

I shall go for my swim at 2pm. It is nice and quiet then. This is the only such adult session in the arvo during the week.

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Nan said...

Interesting coincidence. My last blog post had to do with self-acceptance and touched on how it is made difficult by our up-bringing. I imagine it has a wide variety of sources, depending on the individual.