Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Self As God

To me atheism and fundamentalism are just as rigid as each other as viewpoints. They both believe their idea is absolutely correct. The major difference is that religious fundamentalism has evil results. Whilst they do not see it, (how could they when they are never wrong?) they spread evil like a cancer that destroys lives. Their faith is a lie. A big fat lie. A lie that kills. What is the lie? That they have total faith in god. No they do not. They have faith in one being and one being only: themselves. They have total unwavering faith in their own judgement. And they certainly like everyone else to know what their judgement is. There judgement is rarely good. The judgement they like above all else is righteousness. Their own. Their own unwavering belief that they are right. This belief has caused untold misery throughout the history of our world. People who believe they know what is right are dangerous. (It is not just religious fundies who believe in their own rightness, of course, but they far outnumber any other type.)

An example of the arrogance of such people can be found here (ATHIEST CENTRAL). Just a brief reading of his views reveals the evil inherent in his standpoint. In case you cannot stomach reading enough, know that he does not believe in a loving god. Not my judgement but his words state so. Unlike him, I do not believe this man is evil, just what he gives out. (I don't believe in the innate evil of anyone.)

A religious fundy here came to prominence because of her wickedness, in my opinion. Her name is Ann (e?) Atknis. She was a newspaper agony aunt. A woman had written in to her for help and guidance with her grief. Her female lover of a lifetime had died and she was bereft. Did Ms Atkins offer any thing that was good and kind or compassionate? No. She offered only condemnation, judgement and wickedness. For this, she was rewarded with fame and fortune. What a sick world.

Atheists say there is no God. They cannot know this and they too have faith only in their own judgement. It would be more honest to say that one does not have any evidence so far that there is a god but I cannot categorically say there is not one.

One of the things that atheist say is that just because we don't understand something, is no reason to go an invent a god, a creator. They say it doesn't answer anything and indeed only creates more confusion and another question: who created god? True.


Isn't that exactly the same problem?

(Literalists(religious fundies) believe a man lived inside a whale. Oh the temptation to be rude is immense.)

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Nan said...

good analysis, Colin.
I too have difficulties with proponent of both sides here. I like to say that I don't have enough faith to be an atheist. I'd have to believe that everything (EVERYTHING) that exists is one big coincidence. Nope, don't have enough faith for that.

On the other side of the equation, those who "KNOW" are making claims at knowing the essentially UNKNOWABLE. They attempt to keep the Creator tightly in boxes of various sizes. And darned if the Creator doesn't always manage to get out of them. Many of these folks subscribe to a very small sized God, which always leaves me scratching my head in disbelief.

For myself, I just try to leave myself open to whatever the Divine wishes to impart and hope that my intentions to do my best is enough.