Saturday, January 31, 2009

Days Like This


Yesterday was a weird day. I was very weak and did nothing but the essentials. Today I awoke feeling better and I went swimming. I can't move my neck side to side which is how all this came to a head in the first place. Or rather it is how the heart doctor knew my problem was spinal not my heart. I did get a two hour nap today. I feel fine in myself, just more crippled than of late.


I might be housebound the next few days as a snow storm is to head our way for a few days, so the weather men and women say. I do love snow but am no longer in denial about it and I do fully realise that snow means staying in. I saw a program from Moscow today and I was yearning for it. The scenes were beautiful and it was all covered with snow. I said to John that it would be useless me visiting anywhere that was like that as all I could do would be to sit in my hotel room and look out the window!


The puppies are coming on a pace. Eating very well. They go out into the garden. Not for long but long enough for them to get used to it. They go off and explore a little further each time. As fro keeping, I have narrowed it down to three, two girls and a boy. I'll try and get more pictures tomorrow.


My pink textured socks are almost done. I on the final stretch now on both, the ribbing at the top.

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