Saturday, November 22, 2008

Kick Me


I went every day last week, but had a day off yesterday. Am going this morning. Wednesday I went to the lunchtime 50+ session. A big mistake. Myself and a few others are swimming laps, as people usually do, when a group of well over 60's got in and just trod water, talking, getting in our way. One couple got in the pool directly in front of me, so I swam into them. I can't see ahead when is swim. Despite the filthy look I was given, I politely informed them they were in the way. On the way back, them woman swam into me and got a kick in her breast. Well, all hell broke loose. She ranted and raved and I quietly pointed out that if she swims into people, what can she expect. I also pointed out that my kick was not deliberate as I had not even seen her. Why would I expect she would do what she did anyway? So then she turns on the tears. Her bottom lip quivered and pouted and the tears rolled and she sound just like a 10 year old as she moaned ' you hurt me'. I resisted telling her it may teach her not to do as she did. Instead, I pointed out that others could hardly be held responsible for what happened to her when she blithely ignored others in the pool. She then called out tot he lifeguard who dutifully went to her as I continued my swim. As I was near the end of my swim, she came to help me get out the pool and we had a giggle about this silly woman, who by that time, had moved to the centre of the pool where no one was swimming lanes and she a group of others all trod water and talked. Interestingly, when I related this to the people I am used to swimming with in the early morning, all of whom are 70-80 yrs old, they all gave knowing looks and smiles and said that is why they never go to that class!

It just amazes me that someone can get to that age and still behave like that.


I finished my cashmere sweater at last. It is washed and dried and I shall photograph it later and put it on here.

I have knitted one of John's socks to just past the ankle. I did that early in the week, Monday, but left it until he got home last night so he could try it on. It is a good fit so I shall continue.


I have found it helpful to take pain killers before I retire. It has not helped me stay asleep but I have had less pain. I find I awaken and have to stack the horseshoe pillow and others so that I am lying on my back at an incline. This stops the spasm. I do not however stay like that. I have never slept on my back and if I lay flat on my back, I always awake with a jolt. My natural tendency is curl up in the foetal position on my right side, or sometimes my left. Even if I have stacked the pillows high, so I am almost sitting, I awake to find myself on my side and most of the way down the bed!

I ma getting better at managing the pain and knowing when to stop pushing myself. Yesterday was a day I had planned to have off. A day for doing nothing, just knitting and watching dvd's. That is all I did too. No dog bathing, no swimming, no nothing. I felt quite pleased with myself. Not only did I stick to it, but I enjoyed it and did not feel I ought to be doing something nor did I berate myself for being lazy.

I though the other day, that I had not turned out like my dad-an abusive bully. I had not done this to others. It is true I had not done this to others. However, it isn't true that I am not like him because I abused and bullied myself for years. I treated myself in the same manner that he did.
I have learned not to and am largely successful. It is one reason I was so surprised at my teaching the knitting and enjoying it. If I had been my father, I would have been shouting and hitting within minutes of my pupil not doing it right.


Anonymous said...

Good for you! It takes awhile to manage to arrive at this point.

I take at least one day a week and do nothing but fiber crafts. It feels like a vacation. Fun and refreshing.

LizzieK8 said...

I'm so glad the life guard was on "your side" and the silly woman was put in her place.

One only wonders where in the hell these people were when courtesy and common sense we passed out!!!!

Can't wait to see the sweater!