Saturday, November 01, 2008

Socks For Heather

Socks for my friend Heather. The yarn is by ONLine. One of the India colour range. Sorry can't find the ball band to know which one. Anyway, knit toe -up, using my Andersson Heel Mach 2. Used 2mm 60cm KnitPick circular, knit simultaneously. They are short socks because Heather has foot problems and prefers them this way. The feet fit me and are right for her.

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kshotz said...

I'd be curious to know what you thought of the On Line yarn? I have some in my stash and I haven't worked with it yet. I like the colors of yours, I think the one I have is a bit more muted with an off-white, cream color as base. I guess I'll go dig it out!

Kim in IA