Thursday, November 20, 2008

Same Sex Marriage

John and I can legally marry if we choose to. We will choose to.

However, in the land of the free, this is still outlawed and here is a blog which gives good reasons why this bigoted law must be repealed:



Anonymous said...

Having seen so many "proper, Christian" marriages fail miserably, with the children as victims, I think it high time to give the legal right to all. My own cousins, brought up to be God-fearing (scary, that, no?) are married and divorced multiple times. Several of my gay friends have been in stable relationships for decades, but cannot marry. Makes one think...

Anonymous said...

For several decades now, the "Land of the Free" has been within the choking grip of the minority Religious Right. Those who profess most loudly to follow the "son of God" who preached "love one another" have brought about untold pain and suffering and have preached hatred from the highest pulpits.

During the recent election campaigns, that level of vilenss was exposed in all its base and ugly glory, largely thanks to the hatred-spewing beauty queen who thought she should be president.

It is the sincere hope of many of us that the exposure of the truth about those people will lead to great changes in this country. We have turned a very important corner in our history. Now we absolutely must proceed forward, but it will have to be one step at a time. There is so much that needs to be made right in this country. Legalization of same sex marriage is but one of those things, albeit a very, very important one.

anachronist said...

I can only second and third what was said.

I am happy for you as a couple that you want to do the step into marriage.

It always puzzled me why same sex couples are "unnatural" and what other things are being said from narrow minded people.

Love does not choose where it falls in terms of man/woman, it falls everywhere where it is welcomed. What is unnatural about it?

Ihr habt meinen Segen (non religiously meant).

Anonymous said...

HunterXan is right. For a country that is supposed to follow a doctrine of equality and separation of church and state, we have failed miserably in this area. For goodness sake, what are people afraid of?

FuguesStateKnits said...

Ok, my two cents - from the perspective of a child advocate. Here in the beautiful state of "Merlin,USA" also called Amurikka in miniature, the Court of Appeals by a fairly slim margin has ruled that limited marriage to men and women is not in itself unconstitutional. That doesn't mean we can't have laws that allow it if the legislature so votes.
Married persons in my state have a lot of legal protections. For one small example, if one owns a home and that home is owned as "tenants by the entirety," there is a right of survivorship (if one dies, the other gets the house by operation of law) and the home is protected against creditors unless both married people owe to the creditor jointly. Now think on this: People have children, whether the state allows them to marry or not. If one parent of a married couple who owns a house dies, the other parent solely owns the home by operation of law. There is no question about that. Imagine the hardships of a couple who own a home together and one dies, but there is no right of survivorship (a technical point is you can be unmarried here and have a joint tenancy which grants a right of survivorship, but that is SOOOO easily severed and has none of the stability and solidity of a tenancy by the entirety).
Why should not the children of same-sex couples enjoy the same opportunity to have the stability (given the 50 percent divorce rate) that their cohorts in hetero marriages enjoy????
Just one little example, but put enough of them together.....