Thursday, November 20, 2008


We want a short break, Wednesday to Saturday. Budapest or Barcelona are only 2.5 hrs away. If I will fly.

I used to love flying. Then I took a flight in 97 to Boston, USA and I was petrified. As soon a sit started to take off, I felt dreadful and it took all my strength not to yell for them to stop and let me off. How embarrassing!Even more so on the way back because on the flight out, I was unaware that I would be scared. I hated the close din feeling and the feeling of the flight itself. Very weird feelings physically.

I think I need to face this fear head on and the only way to do it is to fly. As I am typing this I am getting worked up about it.

Driving is out of the question. Also, if I could fly, I'd open up the places we can go.

I have also ascertained that I will not be able to knit on board.


Suna Kendall said...

Good luck dealing with the flying issue. It's a hard one.

And there are plenty of laws in the US banning gay marriage, not just the one in California. We should be protesting ALL of them. It is a real mixing of church and state, too. Wrong on many, many levels.

I say this as a person who just got a marriage license today. I don't know...I feel sort of disloyal to my GLBT fellow citizens.

Bo... said...

I hate flying. If you can't knit, at least you can take knitting magazines, right?

fairy godmother said...

No knitting? Take a magazine. Don't take a book because I know when I am worked up I can't focus on a book, but flipping through a magazine helps. Buy a couple new knitting magazines and save them for the flight.

sophanne said...

I found you through a comment on Yarhnhog's blog. THis morning my husband said. "While my fear of flying is diminishing, my fear of baggage is steadily increasing."