Saturday, November 22, 2008

Windy Day

I am 11 years old . My name is Nechung.
I am Luque and I am 3.5 and the father of Whitney.
I am Micah, just 3 and the son of Nechung and the father of Shameless.
I am Whitney, 1 yr old, and the daughter of Luque.
I am Shameless and I am two and feeling very delicate cos I am pregnant.


Anonymous said...

Uh, excuse me, but Shameless looks to me more like she's saying, "YOU did this to me. I'd have never met the bloke were it not for YOU. Leave me alone. Don't point that thing at me again!"

Ha ha. Cute picture.

fairy godmother said...

Shameless looks very tired. I love all the pics, thanks for sharing!

Donna said...

My son sent me this link, and I've been watching these puppies for a few weeks now. And I found myself thinking...Hmm...Shameless is pregnant now. I'd bet people would love to see Colin's puppies...

Just something to consider :-)