Saturday, November 08, 2008

More Dyeing

I have been sleeping very well this last few nights. Still have woken for a pee, but otherwise am sleeping well. Pain wakes me up eventually, in my pelvis and lower back and hips and I get up but am in bed about 8 hours which is a long for me. The only day I got up my usual 5.30am was Tuesday. Wednesday I didn't swim at all and in fact only knit and watched dvds (Jane Eyre). I am getting better at giving myself a break. Thursday I overslept and so went swimming in the afternoon and Friday, I again slept late and went swimming later.

I prefer to be up early and am not sure how I feel about this sleep pattern change but I am very aware that I feel better for having the longer time in bed. I am trying to just go with the flow. The shorter time in bed and not so good sleep will come back so i will take advantage of this good period right now. Strangely enough, I have more pain and weakness and fatigue this week despite the better sleeping but I mentally feel stronger.

I am up early today because I need to sleep early tonight. I have a dog show to go to. This is Whitney's final puppy class as she is a year old on the 16th. It is Micah's last show too until his coat matures. He is 3 and Lhasa Apso do not fully mature until they are 4-5 yrs old. The show is in Stroud, about 160 miles away.

I bought 5 white roll necks and am dyeing them. I have dyed in olive, purple, and yellow so far. The orange one is being done as I write this. Then I have one left to do in deep pink-more Fuchsia I think.

I buy roll necks in size small and they fit well. Too close to wear on their own but I only wear them under a sweater. I buy the small because I must have the neck fit close to my neck not bagging downwards. That defeats the object. I like my neck to be warm.

I did persuade John to have some more time off and he is taking the last 3 dyas of the last week of November off. We probably won't go anywhere, not abroad. We were thinking of going to Paris on the Eurostar but decided that it was too risky for us both. Too cold or wet would cause problems for us. Wet would be no fun at all and cold would physically make it hard on John for his chest and on me for moving. So we will stay here and maybe go on a day trip somewhere. I have never seen York and might give that a shot on a good weather day, if there is one.


Jane said...

York is a must. I haven't been there in a long time, but I remember it as beautiful. You will appreciate York Minster. Best of luck to Micah and Whitney!

nana said...

I have been to york in a school exchange in the eighties and loved the medieval/history museum we went to.

We had too little time for real exploring though, and being a teenager back then, I probably had a different focus than today.

If you go, I would like to have a travel report ;-)

Janelle said...

Ditto on York! I haven't traveled as much as I'd like to in England, but York has been my favorite city. So much history and beauty to see. We spent a chilly yet lovely day at the ruins of an old church in the museum gardens, quite a remarkable thing (for an American) to see, right there in the middle of a park with grass growing all around.