Saturday, November 22, 2008

MacKenzie - Cashmere Sweater

I knit this on the Silver Reed 830. I used 2 x 2/28's (=700m per 100g = lace weight) of 100% Mongolian Cashmere. I just use a calculator to get the shape. This has set in sleeves, fully fashioned shaping.


BammerKT said...

The sweater is gorgeous and your finishing looks perfect as always. One of the first reasons I started visiting your blog regularly is that someday I hope my finishing is as nice as yours. I think if you take the time to knit it, it's best to take the time to finish it correctly, but my work still doesn't look as good as yours. Guess I must get more practice.

LizzieK8 said...

Oh how beautiful. :::heavy sigh:::

Jan C said...

What a great sweater - I am impressed with how nicely finished
everything is - it gives me encouragement and inspiration to keep at it
with my bumbling beginner efforts, that one day I might be able to knit
like that!

Anonymous said...

Great sweater Colin. Wonderful colour and I lurve the detailed collar
and shoulder. (Love your blogs too. Keep 'em coming!)

The Brit in California

Anonymous said...

love the sweater and the dogs, sorry to hear about your probs with swimmers,
some people are just so ignorant.
North Yorkshire

Monica said...


MacKenzie is perfect! I have always admired the elegant finishing on your knitting, especially the neckbands. How do you manage to get the look so professional?

Anonymous said...

That is beautiful!!!!!!!!
As are all your sweaters!

Judy said...

Beautiful, Colin!! Just beautiful!


Luann said...

Oh my it is gorgeous!!!

Anonymous said...



Sheri said...

Gorgeous!!!!!!!!! Beautiful job Colin!!!!! As always!

Helen said...

Very nice sweater Colin, love the set in sleeves. Helen

Helen Griffiths in SO Cal

YowlYY said...

A gorgeous sweater - I agree with everyone, it's perfect!

knitwych said...

Colin, that is absolutely stunning! I haven't yet taken the plunge into sweaters (not unless you count Chihuahua sweaters), but seeing gorgeous things like this makes me want to try.

Dev said...

As usual your sweaters are fabulous. I always love the sleeve detail that
you have mastered. they look so neat.

Also, I love your green doc martens.

Anonymous said...

Hi Colin,

What a beautiful sweater! The finishing is perfection!

Anonymous said...


You always show such nice attention to detail.

Natalie L., WI, USA

Becky said...

OMG -- this is gorgeous. I second the opinion below -- I am a rank
beginnger, but this sweater gives me hope and inspiration.

Anonymous said...

As usual - a great job!

Jan B

Anonymous said...

Another beautiful sweater....I also enjoyed the pictures of your dogs. They are absolutely gorgeous....each with their own personality. Your pictures have captured them well.
Is the sweater for you or some lucky person?

Thanks for sharing,

Nan said...

Colin, that sweater is so lovely. You do such good work.

Anonymous said...

**Love** that warm caramel color!! The whole sweater looks very nice and, of course, being made of cashmere, I'm sure it's soft as a cloud.


Gloria Patre said...

I am drooling over your cashmere sweater! It's sumptuous! Your finishing is superb also! You have an impressive talent! Kudos! Your puppies are SO sweet! In spite of your sufferings you have blessings to count for sure!!

kenny said...

Gorgeous sweater,but i dont like the colour....good job