Friday, November 21, 2008

Not Sure

I still do not know what we are going to do next week. The original plan was to visit York. We don't want to make up our minds and book a hotel till Tuesday or Wednesday so we can see what the weather is likely to be. No point going if it is going to be raining.

Flying: I really am not sure about this. I want to get over the fear but the more I think about it, the less inclined I feel to do it now! I want to for all sorts of reasons, mainly because I don't like being limited. I also want to visit the USA again. This time I shall loads of people to visit.

Perhaps Edinburgh? Only a 50 min flight. I think I could cope with that. What has really put me off is not being able to knit on board. How stupid. I can't imagine being able to calm myself and not knit.

I am having a day off today. No swimming. I went to bed late last night, got up late. I am going to have a a lazy day.


Last night I did demonstration of mediumship.

The first 20 mins was given over to a young woman of 28 who is just starting out. She was excellent, gave very good evidence.

I then did my bit. I gave all my messages with my back to the people. I did not hear their responses either. Instead, they silently indicated yes or no or maybe to the person standing next to me and they told me what the answer was. It worked well and the evidence was good. The reason for doing it thus was to show that

1. I am not cold reading(a beloved bit of nonsense from sceptics),
2 . Am not picking up anything from the voice(there are none to listen too)
3. That a medium (nor the spirit communicator ) does not need to hear a voice in order for the communication to happen.

I found it good from my point of view too. I worked more quickly, my confidence wa snot affected by a sea of faces looking at me, and it was very good to not have a clue who I had given the messages to. They were accurate and to the point. I htink that is why I liked it, when I think of it, I was more bold and gave just what i had to give cos I couldn't see the recipient!


Anonymous said...

York is at it's most beautiful in Spring when the daffodils are out. Not much warmer but you can't beat happy nodding daffs. If you do head that way remember the Knitting and Stitching show is on in Harrogate this weekend. Loads of yarn and knitting notions, fred is there teaching too.

Of course you have to go to bettys and pay extortionate prices for tea in York or Harrogate.

Flying, BA run courses to help people, they are very good and used to be available at most main airports. Don't let one bad experience narrow your world. You and I both know life is short !

Anonymous said...

I think it would be wonderful for you to get over your fear of flying. Then, you could come visit me. We could make it a "race" to see who makes it across the pond first.

Your description of your mediumship demonstration was fascinating.