Saturday, November 01, 2008


These arrived in the post today. I am wearing them now. They were knitted for me by my friend Lia in Sandhausen Germany and posted to me from our mutual friend's (Jane) in Holland! The yarn is Lana Grossa MW Merino Print colour number 2101.
(The post title is what the Germans call gloves, which I think is quite delightful.)


Unknown said...

And in Dutch they are handschoenen. These are so nice I started a pair for my niece for Christmas. Jane

Lia Nord said...

Beautiful pictures, Colin! It's great how the decrease in the thumb came out just right at your joint--and though I knit the finger part a little longer than my own, I would have knit it still longer had I known exactly where it would land on your hand. Funny how the purple comes out as blue in the photos--and still looks good! The yarn was fun to use--very soft and with good body. I'm going to look for more as soon as I can get off these crutches! I'm so glad you like them, and it was a pleasure to knit them for you!

Oh--and Shameless's beau is a beauty!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful gloves! You're a lucky man.