Sunday, April 16, 2006

Aran Sweater

The yarn is Berlaine by Bergerac de France, 100% wool. The colour is Tilleul. Knitted on 3.75mm Rosewood circulars, with the hem done on Addi Turbo's 2.5mm.

The picture above is the beginning of the first sleeve.

I swatched and swatched yesterday trying to come up with a stich pattern I liked. I frogged at least six times!

I bought the yarn from Cucumberpatch.

Below is the schematic I designed to tell me where to set the sticthes. It also includes the shaping.


Holly @Home said...

Looks lovely Colin..can't wait to see the finished item.That is a lovely supplier always helpful and efficient .Hols.

Melissa said...

That's a really beautiful pattern. It's going to be an amazing sweater! I'll look forward to seeing it's progress. And yes, patience has come with age for me as well...

Wannietta said...

It looks wonderful Colin. I look forward to seeing it develop.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you have been busy. Your swatch or sleeve is gorgeous. May I ask what program you did your schematic in?

Congratulations on your great work!!

Anonymous said...

Looks wonderful Colin! And, not that you care what I think, but thank
you for making the central braid symmetrical! I did a vaguely similar
multi-braid before and the pattern was totally unbalanced. It really
annoyed me, and then I had to take the time to figure out when to go
"under" or "over" on my own to get it right... Sheesh, if I wanted to
figure that all out I might as well have designed the thing myself!

rick said...

Very very nice Colin. Makes me want to start one, but alas, I have too many projects on the go.

Three Sisters Yarn said...

Beautiful so far! Great job!!

Carole said...

colour and pattern - superb! Can't wait to see it all.
Tilleul is French for the Linden tree if anybody cares. Using its leaves for herb tea is very common in France.