Friday, April 21, 2006

Ectopic Heart Beat

An ectopic heart beat is when the electric pulse in you heart causes a different beat rythm and the beat comes form a different place in your heart. It is irregular and feels like a a sudden release of bubbles in your heart.

It is quite a horrid feeling. It comes and goes. Can go mths without it and then spend a week having it all day! I spent some time in the ICU because of it and then they explained to me it was harmeless -unless it went on too long.

Now no one told me how long too long was!

I have had it all morning tho it seems to be settling now.


Roz said...

I wonder if that's the same thing my DH just had, his was atrial fibrillation and was the top part of his heart going nuts. His went on for 1 month before it was diagnosed and that's bad because although it's not fatal (they tell us) it can cause clots (and you know the consequences of clots). They told us a couple days is about the time they try to regulate it with meds, after that they check for clots and if no clots, shock it. If you have it regularly, there is an implantable defibillator that will control it.

carole said...

geeze, I think that doctors sometimes treat us like mushrooms - keep us in the dark and feed us a lot of BS!


All the Way With Knitting said...

Oh how horrible Colin..I hate it if I feel my heart beating.The B.B.C health site is quite good and might give you some information.Angie ( Holly's Mum )

Cherry Rolfe said...

Sounds frightening and painful. Thinking of you Colin. Hang on in there.

Sharon J said...

I hate it when doctors don't explain things properly. I had a bit of a ding-dong with one of the doctors at the clinic I have to attend because my weight just keeps going down (they control my calories through the intravenous feed I'm given). I asked to have my calories increased to stabilise my weight but he just said "from an all round healthy point of view, your weight's perfect". Great. But that's what they've said every time even though I lose on average a kilo a month. I told him that although he could probably afford to keep buying new wardrobes, I couldn't so if he won't adjust the calories, would he mind financing the next lot of clothes I have to buy?

I think you ought to ask your GP about how long too long is.

susie said...

Those dogs Colin are really cute, my daughter Heather will be drooling over those. I might have a go at Knitting some socks, after seeing your instructions.

Best wishes

Annie said...

I hope your heart irregularity has calmed down now, especially as you're off on your trip soon. Have a great time.
Love your socks, btw

Roz said...

Have a great trip, hope you remain well.