Wednesday, April 05, 2006


August is such a long way away. April 28th is much closer. That is the day we leave for Prague! All booked up.

We drive from here to the Chunnel, drive onto the train and 30 mins later we will be in Calais.

We will start to drive to our destination early on the Saturday morning. The trip is 700 miles from Calais. We will arrive in Prague on Sunday 30th.

I have booked an apartment instead of an hotel. We did this when we went to Gothenberg, Sweden and it is much more convenient. It is basically a self contained one bedroomed flat. This means we have plenty of room. We can also make our own coffee and food. It means I can nap and we can go back and forth as we please too. Apartments are much cheaper and we also save because we will not have to eat out 3 times a day.

The guide books I have read and the net all say car crime is rife in Prague. I discussed this with the people concerned. The woman was honest and said that it is true. Then she asked me what car I have(an 04 reg Skoda Octavia Estate). She told me it would be safe as it wasn't good enough to steal! Meaning, they only want Mercs and BMW's and such like! Not interested in a family car. Phew!

I have been in touch with a young American knitter there who will tell me all about the local knitting shops.


Anonymous said...

Prague eh! I am just about to try and book a cheapo city break to take the Man away from it all. I am daunted to say the least. We go away very very rarely so when we do a lot of hope and expectation is invested! Plus the Man is as downbeat as a man can be so I know whatever I book will be a disappointment. Hey Ho! Nothing to lose then! Glad to hear your car won't be nicked - mine is so cr*ppy I hope someone will pinch it. (did not mean that oh spiteful sky-lord)

Sharon J said...

Oh to take a road trip like that but alas, my health won't let me. Spending 12 hours a day hooked up to a drip makes long journeys difficult, mostly due to the hooking up and unhooking parts. And thanks to the blasted clot I had earlier this year, I can't fly for 6 months so a week in Weymouth's the most I'm getting. I would have loved to gone over to Norway for my daughter's 20th but it ain't gonna happen. We are considering a three night break in Sardinia in September, though. Like Cherry, I have a man who shows little enthusiasm for anything much but the upside to that is that his opinion of where we go doesn't really matter much. I say "Fancy a few days in Sardinia with me?" and he replies "S'pose so" and shrugs. Fine, that's sorted then.

Anonymous said...

wow, bummer about the car theft thing, maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea anyhow to buy one fo htese security things that locks up the steering wheel to the gas peddle if you don't already have one.

The flat is a really great idea, makes one feel more like they are living in teh city as well.

Sorry girls about your lack luster companions, real bummer. I guess I am very lucky, my guy is interested in art, architecture, musées and cultural stuff and eating good food like me so our trips are usually pretty cool.


Annie said...

Oh! I'm sooo jealous, Prague is just about my favourite city. Are you sure you wouldn't like an extra pair of hands? Y'know, just to help with the new wheels and stuff?

Anonymous said...

What a great trip to look forward to!

Anonymous said...

Have a great time, sounds wonderful. We are off on a big drive tomorrow morning up to Scotland for the weekend, back on Monday. Dont know if i will get the chance to visit any yarn shops while there, we shall see!

Anonymous said...

You're going to have a great time; it's a beautiful city! And even if you don't buy much yarn, it'll still be a wonderful trip. I love road trips, and I am jealous of the idea of one through Europe!