Thursday, April 06, 2006

Ebay Again Again

I took a look at all the sweater listings on Ebay. Very few of them have bids or are selling.
So I think it must the time of year.

Looking at my records, I sold very well August to December. I didn't put anything on January or February or March.

So it would seem that is my time for selling and it gives me loads of time to knit them up so I can have more to sell.

This suits me as with my disabilty I can't knit like I used to and certainly can't under pressure.


Anonymous said...

Can you post your ebay id please, Colin?

Sharon J said...

I can understand why people wouldn't be particularly interested in sweaters at this time of the year as anybody with limited funds (which includes most of the population) would be looking for summer wear at the moment. Although a nice, light cashmere sweater could be good for a man to wear in the evening. I think they're beautiful and like Linda, would be interested in looking at your listings. ~Sharon J