Sunday, April 09, 2006

Tibet Sock

This is made from Regia Tibet. So called, I imagine, because of the coloured ribbons to be found all over Tibet.
I used Addi Turbo's. Using 72 sts and 3mm for the continental cast on, 2.25mm for the ribbing and 2.5mm for the rest.
I used the Dutch Heel. Having used the short row heel on the last sock, I went back to this one. It fits better and looks better to me.


Maggie said...

Beautiful sock, Colin. Nice work. I like that colorway, too.

Anonymous said...

That is one "wild and crazy" sock! It's beautiful...I love the deep rich
Are you SURE you don't want to be our patron saint? I'm sure everyone would
understand your needing to curse on occasion, especially since you'ld be dealing
with us nutty (knutty?) MKers!!!

sonja said...

I love the color. They might go over with the
'menfolk' in my family.

carole said...

Very nice, the colors are devine!

Lou said...

Strange what a yarn can do! The colors are lovely.
I'm no expert on socks, never wear socks, but they look comfortable.

Mary-Lou said...

Great socks! - you really seem to have got them down to a fine art now. Where did you get the yarn from?

Jill Schaefer said...

Love them!

jeane said...

WOW Love the colors...both socks are sensational.

lisa said...

Those are gorgeous socks.

Elizabeth Y said...

I would love to see how a Dutch heel is made. It looks like it is thicker and would wear better than the ones I have been making for my grandsons.
Would you share that pattern?
ps, it is a gorgeous sock!!!
is the yarn available??

Elizabeth said...

duhhhh, I just looked back and saw that the socks are made from ribbon from Tibet. Guess I won't try to get that. They are still beautiful. Is it actually ribbon? Would the ribbon yarns here in the USA be similar to it(if you are familiar with them)
Give your creative self a pat on the back for this one.
(still want to know how to do a Dutch heel)