Monday, April 03, 2006

Ebay Again

I have had people comment that people go to Ebay looking for a bargain. Yes they do. However, when ti comes to knitwear and designer names, not necessarily so. I have seen M&S cashmere sell there for 80 plus pounds and other sweaters sell over the 100 pounds. So I don't think it is as simple as that.


Jackie said...

people just aren't willing to recognise the time and effort put into handknits, not to mention the improved quality. It's been so long since people HAD to knit and sew their own clothing, that society has lost appreciation of it. Plus, there's a benefit to handknits that most of society dosen't see. Why buy some mass produced, cheeply made thing at the store that a million other people own, when you can buy a handknitted, quality garment that is a one of a kind?

Anonymous said...

Is there anywhere else to try selling Colin? - I agree Ebay is a bargain hunters playground and not great for selling unique, handmade items, except in the run up to Christmas. There are a few specialist outlet sites.