Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Once again I am using voice recognition software to dictate this blog post. I am using the inbuilt one until Dragon Naturally Speaking arrives.

I have not gone swimming today but not because swimming on Monday and Tuesday knackered me. I spent far too long on my feet last evening dyeing yarn. I got rather carried away and after I had dyed my orders I carried on and dyed some more for my shop. I did enjoy myself so I can't complain.

The puppies are doing very well and they eat every time I give them bowls of food. It is too soon to tell yet if I have anything I will want to show. I have my eye on two of them.

I have been watching the seventh series of Shameless. Even though I have now watched so many episodes I still find it capable of shocking me. It is very well acted. Having lived on a council estate for many years I believe these people to be true to life. I am glad I don't live like that anymore.

I do wish there were more hours in the day or maybe I just wish I could keep going longer. LOL!

We have still to decide if we will have a holiday this year or not. If we breed Carly or Edna or both of them we probably will not go anywhere. We have a long weekend booked and paid for at the end of November and her friend has agreed to look after any puppies we may have but they would still have to not be that young at that time.

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