Friday, June 25, 2010


I should have been at Blackpool, dog show today.Unfortunately, I had been laid up with a bug instead. I feel much better today, but slept most of yesterday. Having spent most of the previous night exploding from both ends. I didn't eat for 24 hours and then I had a craving for boiled rice.

John came home yesterday that he could take care of me and the dogs.

I had another e-mail from Joyce. The woman, who said that I was gay because because I chose to be after my abuse. I deleted it without reading it and I can't imagine why she thinks I want to hear from her.

My latest pair of socks is the further development of using a one by one gusset. I am very pleased that this pair. They will go to my vet, Cere, as she also has the same size as me.

We will probably go to Pannini's for brunch.

Whitney needs to be bathed so I will do that later.

The puppies are doing extremely well and I am very pleased that their temperaments. They are built very well also, I will be keeping Mary Grace, and possibly Jackson.

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