Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ann Coulter and the Jews

I saw an interview on YouTube with Ann Coulter. She was being interviewed by A Jewish reporter. When she was asked about how the perfect America would be she said amongst other things that it would be Christian. The reporter took exception to this and asked if she would prefer there were no Jews and was surprised and offended by her at affirmative response. She added that she wished and used to be perfected, in other words to become Christian. I understand but Jewish reporter's being offended but has he really believed this long without realizing that this is one of the basic tenets of Christian belief. By its nature it is anti-semitic. It is anti anything that is not Christian. Jehovah's Witnesses however believe that all Jews go to Heaven no matter what because they are God's chosen people.

As for the woman herself, I saw many interviews with her tonight and I cannot escape the conclusion that she quite simply is off her trolley and I cannot understand why she is given so much free publicity for her mostly obnoxious views. Despite her protestations she clearly has no respect for her fellows and thinks herself intellectually and morally superior. I could of course be totally off the mark but after several hours of listening to various clips of that is what I hear.

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