Thursday, June 17, 2010


Blogger Vicki Designs (Schnorkiemom) said...

Isn't this putting an entire group of people in one box? I'm Christian but, can assure you I'm not sexually attracted to my own sex. If you are comfortable in your own skin, why must you attack others and constantly be on the defensive. What did Sarah Palin ever do to you? I used to follow your blog quite religiously and enjoyed your posts and was saddened by your illness and the hardships it presents. Lately, it's just a platform to flame and I'm sorry to say I can't take the negativity. I know this won't be posted, but I just thought you should know how I feel and I know I am not alone.

3:42 PM, June 17, 2010


It would help if people understood what they have read before they vent their spite. Though I must say Vicki’s comment is mild compared to some of the hate mail I get.

Now, Vicki, Ms Palin, and others who create an atmosphere of hate toward gays are simple responsible for every hate crime towards us, even if they do not weild a physical weapon.

IF as Xtians, and Ms Palin, reckon we CHOOSE our sexuality, then we are ALL bisexual. Too difficult for Ms Vicki to grasp.

If as Vicki says she was an avid reader of this blog, then 1. she would know I don’t care about plonkers 2. she’d understand my point 3. she’d know her little fit, compared to the real life abuse I experience is nothing but a blip! 4. Why do Xtian such as she not see the hate behind their self-righteousness? It is really sad that fear stops these people from being their real loving selves.

Oh, and if you had read and understood, you’d know I would publish your comment. I publish ALL of them except those that are foul languaged and those that describe how they would like to see me die. Those are pointless.

Vicki, if you were not so self centred you might have a chance of understanding another human being instead of prejudging according to your belief system as your comment shows you have. It is clear it prevented you understanding what I wrote. I’d like to add that you failure to understand the harm people like Palin and others of her thinking do to me and others is typical of a person whose mind is enslaved to an idea.

Spank me!

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