Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Frequently in this country the subject of euthanasia comes up in the news. I get very angry at those who are opposed to it. At present, they hold sway. We are in a ridiculous position of being criminally liable if we help a human being in agony to die and be criminally liable if we do not kill an animal that is in agony!

With the law as it stands, I would have to kill myself before my illness makes my life intolerable.

There is no way I am going to allow myself to come under the control of health professionals. It  is a lie to say that people do not die in pain.  They do.  Pain relief does not work in over 30% of people who are dying from a painful condition.  My GP told me that.  I know of a woman who had to have her spinal cord cut, which made her completely paralysed, to end her pain!

Those who campaign to keep euthanasia illegal keep accusing those of us who believe in helping to end a person's suffering through compassion, of wanting to play God.  Taking antibiotics, painkillers, surgery, all are playing God!

Why should I have to die miserably just because of somebody else's idea?  How dare they force their religious views or ethical views upon other people?  It is not true that where there is life there is hope.  Another lie.  What sort of God wants a person to die in agony, and without dignity?  Often the only reason a person gets to that point is because of medical interference in the first place!  We are so afraid of death that we cause enormous suffering to each other.  Although of course we seem to have no qualms about killing people with bombs!  By that I am not just referring to terrorists.

I believe that it is pure cowardice, if not wickedness, to think that it is somehow noble or right to leave a person to die in agony.  Oh, I know that they will not literally be left.  They will be watched.  This makes it worse, as far as I'm concerned.

The argument that many people, especially the old and disabled will be put to death by the selfish and self-centred, is a ridiculous argument against euthanasia!

I would not expect a doctor to help somebody to die if they really felt that they could not.  I do expect that a doctor, who would not have a problem in acting out of compassion, would be allowed to do so.

Yes I do find the prospect of finding myself incapable and in pain, frightening.  I know what to do to end my life, but it really upsets me that I would have to do this before there was any chance that I could not and my life was in the hands of others.  I find the attitude of many healthcare professionals and lay people to be quite abhorrent.  It is one thing to make decisions for oneself, based on religious belief.  It is quite another to make such decisions for others based upon such beliefs.

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